When you purchase both your splitboard and your bindings with us, we can install the interface on the board for you, free of charge.

The necessity to buy pieces of hardware separately depends on the bindings you bought and the splitboard you chose.

If you bought a bindings by Spark R&D, Burton or Nitro, you will need to buy pucks separately in order to place your bindings in ride mode. You can either choose Spark R&D pucks or Voilé pucks, both are compatible.

Puck Spark

Puck Voilé

Note that if you purchased a Burton splitboards, pucks are included with the board and therefore, you don’t have to purchase the pucks separately.

All Karakoram bindings sold at Alternative113 are sold with the complete split interface, meaning that for the price shown, you will get both riding and touring mode. Note that Karakoram bindings are not compatible with Burton’s Split Channel™ system.